front page NYTimes: Gov. Paterson & teacher’s union

Dear Fellow Taxpayers,
Today’s NYT, front page, 11/10/08, right column: “Paterson Raises Ax Over Medcaid and School Fund”. He says it all. To the Union: renegotiate or face layoffs. The Marlboro School Board would do well to take a lesson from him. Nothing is written in stone, including all these “contracts”.

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 2008, at Dave Pulliam’s restaurant: 40 Western Ave., 7:30pm, we will hold a strategy meeting of the Marlborough Taxpayer’s Association. Please come and bring neighbors and friends. Nov. 20th , Thurs is a Board of Education meeting at which we can make our case for cutting the budget for 08-09.

Carol Link


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  1. Marlboro HOME OWNERS…..We need your help to try and get our taxes in focus….There are evidently negotiating that can be done with the current teacher contracts but it would not be a “popular” move by the School Board. We need to let tham know they were elected by “popular” vote by the TAXPAYERS of MARLBORO and we want to know where and how they are spending OUR money! Please attend the next meeting of the Marlboro Taxpayer’s Association on the evening of November 18th at Annie’s (formerly Caseys). We need NUMBERS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!

  2. Geri Riley Says:
    November 13, 2008 at 9:17 am e

    I investigated the “vetted” teacher working his side job during school hours. He had a personal day that day. I asked the owner of the job if he was there working and he said he stopped by for 10 min. to drop off breakfast and answer a question before his doctor appointment.

    From Facts, 2008/11/13 at 9:17 AM

    Comment moved – Admin.

  3. …and which day are you talking about? I am hearing that it was on more than one occasion, but Marlboro definitely is home to gossip… that is why it takes time to research each bit of information we receive and try to validate it before releasing pictures or statements of fact. That is why the information is being questioned…Please feel free to give us the date you are referring to so we can research the other ones….Thank you for your response…

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