No budget breaks

The Post Pioneer writes:

Blame it on the hard economic times. Blame it on a crappy housing market. Blame it on an energy company that shed nearly 40 percent of its taxable value overnight and shifted the burden onto everyday homeowners. Blame it on whatever you want. The fact remains that Marlborough Town Board members are struggling to keep the 2009 budget as low as possible…

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  1. If the board is truly interested in cutting costs and waste, let’s start with a zero based budget and take the time to evaluate every item. Let’s look at the phone bills. Let’s look at which teachers are abusing their town paid time with their own outside activities. Let’s see who is willing to step up on behalf of the common taxpayers. I get sick and tired of every politician who holds an office saying “after all, it’s for the children” to justify whatever suits their needs. That’s crap and we all know it.

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