Summary of Taxpayer’s Meeting 11/18, 40 Western Ave.

Dear Fellow Taxpayers,
We are still in the organizing stage of our group. Last night Doug Smith made a case for presenting positive ideas to bring down our town and school budgets. Mike Jones will analyze all the School contracts along with Mark Clemmer. There is a lot of energy and spirit in our Town. Maureen suggested we all put “FOR SALE by Owner” signs on our property and call the media to find out why this is happening. Someone suggested offering teacher’s an incentive to retire. The older teachers are at the top of the salary scale. Many companies like IBM do just this. There was frustration that the Town revalued our properties using comparable sales at the peak of the market; July 04-July 07, when the fact is we are seeing a steep decline in our home values. Maureen is an active real estate agent and listed a house that was assigned a value of mid-400’s by our Assessor. She listed it at 325K and has not had a single offer at this price. This and the loss of our biggest tax payer; Dynergy has added to our woes. We need frugal Board members at times like this. Our blog; is quite comprehensive and most information that we need to make our case to reduce our budgets can be found on links there. Thanks again to the Kara and Larry Poress for making this a reality. Joanne Vincent is organizing small groups of taxpayers from Plattekill, Marlborough and Newburgh to work on positive ways to get our costs down. Carol read a quote from Carl Icahn, a financier on Wall Street. It seems applicable to our Town and School; appearing in the Sat/Sun Nov. 15-16, 08 Wall St. Journal, I can go in and save 30% in almost any company because there is so much waste and mismanagement”. So… please let me know if you want to actively participate in any way you feel comfortable. I hope there is no fear of retribution for parents of school age children. That was mentioned at the meeting as a reason many residents are afraid to attend our meetings. Thanks go to Ray Castellani School Supt, Neysa Sensenig Assistant Supt. for Business, Steve Jennison Board member, and Al Lanzetta Town Supervisor for attending last night. Excuse any omissions. Carol Link


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  1. I think this group has great potential . i can’t stress enough, how we have to be a positive group focused on real solutions to the very real problems we face . I f this group degrades into a constant gripe session and witch hunt ,looking to string someone up, NOBODY WILL JOIN THIS GROUP AND IT WILL MEET RESISTANCE AT EVERY TURN. I have to say i understand that people need imediate releif, but the reality of the situation is that releif is most likely not going to come over night , this group can make real change if we get focused and organized NOW!. this is only how i see it , and ofcourse this is open for discussion and can be alterd at any time , this is just the path i see to making a positive change .sub commitees with in the organization :

    ALBANY : focused on change at the state level , joining lobby group that are already pushing for tax reform in alb. including brining attention to our plight , would sho try to remain in the spot light as long and as much as possible

    ULSTER :focused on brining attention to marlboro school tax / dynegy situation – pushing our local legislators to contact any one and everyone in their rolodex’s – push them to contact albany on our behalf , It is the legislators job to bring attention to our town in its time of need. focused on tax reform at the county level

    Marlboro: focused on letter weekly letter writting campaign to all local media outlets that will print or post these letters , brining attention to the dire tax situation in marlb. PLEASE LETS NOT POINT FINGERS WE HAVE TO FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS TO THE EXISTING PROBLEMS , IF WE ARE NOT BLAMING OTHERS FOR THIS SITUATION AND WE FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS ,SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS , DO YOU GET IT ?? some solutions are harder to swallow than others, the fact that it is now time to lay off some teachers , now is the time for hard decisions so we can afford to live here .

    SCHOOL BUDGET: analyze the budget , find items that need attention , seek out alternative sollutions to the status quo, just because something has been done in a certain manner for ever doesn’t mean that is the correct way . times have change drasticly in the world wich we live , now is the time to change with them , people resist change out of fear of the unknown , lets stand together and be brave

    Newburgh Group: focused on opening a line of comunication with our surounding towns that send kids to our schools , analyze the effects of the other towns have on our budget , I don’t know how these areas effect our school district , how the fact that newburgh has not reassesed in over 10yrs affects us , this group should be comprised partially of out of town residents who can bring info we don’t have to our attention . like angry guy who yelled at me he will head this group,

    SOLUTIONS GROUP ; YOU ARE ALL IN THIS GROUP, find solutions to the problems that face us ,THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE FOR THE SITUATION THAT FACES US . we this degrades to a bitch session and a lets string someone up session we will accomplish nothing , NO ONE WILL JOIN US , OUR VOICE WILL NOT BE HEARD ,

    PEOPLE PLEASE UNDERSTAND in order to create a following , we have to be good group seeking good solid solutions to the problems at hand , lobbying for change at every level of government , when fellow marboro citizens see the griping is over the blaming is done , and the group is hard at work finding solutions , more and more people will join , i know many lawyers , cpa’s , many politicians ,who would gladly help us out , but when they come and speak we need to listen and let them speak, and when they are done ask questions like how do we get heard ?we are hurting, how do we get releif ? what can you do for us we need your guidance and wisdom of the system .

    when people see us writing letters proposing good changes , stating that now is the time to face some hard truths about the economic times that face us , and that hard decisions need to be made ,LETS EMPOWER THE SCHOOL BOARD TO DO THIS , let them know that its ok ,we stand united as a town , if we follow these rules ray castelani, school board members will embrace this group, and look foward to the wealth of knowledge it brings to the table , people will join wanting to be part of something positive in such a negative time ,



  2. Please see the Financial Information of Marlboro at (200 – 2005):;3618570/finance.html#finance05

  3. Please see salaries of our Superintendant (Record 621001)

    With a salary (2004-05), which I am sure that it has gone up since then, of $ 127,500 and $27,557 in benefits.

    Reference information and website:

  4. Marlboro CSD tops the charts in salaries, yet this tiny little District struggles to stay open and afloat.

    Do teachers have any heart? As the community struggles to keep up with mounting bills, taxes and mortgages, Marlboro CSD school teachers are laughing all the way to the bank!

    Average NYS teacher wages are $50,000. Marlboro CSD teachers average a whopping $95,000 (with 55 earning over $100,000). Where is the justice?

    Why aren’t our kids reaping the benefits of these lavishly paid teachers? I can tell you that they are NOT better prepared than other teaches in the area. They are just spoiled and consumed with their own greed.

    Our test scores aremarginal at a cost of nearly $25,000 per kid. This is more than double the state average. Why so much money? I’m not seeing it.

    2006 Teacher Salaries:

    Teachers: You need to lower your salaries or parents will be all consumed in making sure they get their money’s worth from your high salaries.

    I enlist every single parent in the Marlboro CSD to make sure that they check with their children’s teachers. Make sure that teachers know how much you are struggling as a community to make ends meet, if you are losing your house to foreclosure, have lost your job, or are just feeling the pinch. Let them know!

    Make sure that teachers respond within the social norm of 24 hours. Also note and make sure that telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are correct. Have a weekly correspondence with teachers to make sure that their son/daughter is getting all they can out of these very expensive teachers. They get paid so much, they must be worth it!

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