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Economic ‘bright spot’

There is one bright spot in the economic news in our area. The Marlboro school system is proceeding with raises for teachers, staff and administrators. The football field is being raised five feet and covered with artificial turf — the turf alone costs more than a half-million dollars.

Schools are operated with only five or six small classes but with a principal and assistants. The high school heating system is being changed to gas at great expense, including running a pipeline all the way from Route 9W instead of replacing the aging heat pumps with new, more efficient ones at about one-tenth of the cost.

Of course there is a dark side to all this prosperity. Taxes are way up, mine 37 percent; other people’s have doubled. Many houses are in foreclosure, and, because of the high taxes, people are unable to sell their houses at anywhere near their true value. A taxpayers association attends meetings and tries to point out these problems to the school board, but no one pays any attention. They listen politely and then vote to spend the money.

The only solution is a change of administration and school board at the next election. Until then we can only hang on and try to survive.

Alden Link


Times Herald-Record


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  1. Just so you know those elementary buildings that have 5 class rooms in them don’t have an assistant principal its only a principal in those buildings.

    I also don’t understand why you all want to close a school and hurt the children?

  2. How about consoidating some of the administration at the Elem/Intermediate school???

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