Board voted to close Amenia Elementary School

The Webutuck school district will have one less school building next year:

“After an executive session that lasted until 12:20 a.m. today, the board trustees voted to close Amenia Elementary School and offer it to the Town of Amenia.

Board President Dale Culver said the resolution specified making the building available to the town as a donation, though there might be a minimal fee involved.

The residents of the district will have to approve the transfer of the building at the time of the budget vote in May, Culver said in a telephone interview today.

“The direction of the board and vision as a group is to continue to march towrad consolidation,” he said. “This is fiscally prudent and will save the district many dollars and give the children enhanced educational opportunities.”

Poughkeepsie Journal


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  1. Why are you people so set on closing a school?

  2. You are missing the point. This is not about “you people” being “so set on closing a school”. This is about reducing costs for all Marlboro School District taxpayers (Marlboro, Milton, Plattekill and Northern Newburgh), including you and me, especially in these times. What you may see as closing a school has actually been presented to the board as relocating the children to one of the other buildings and having the administration move in to one of the school buildings. Why? because currently they are located in a rented building we are paying for. The distance between the most separated school buildings is about 7 miles (10 minutes’ drive on 9W).
    Was that mentioned at any point in the last meeting? Whould that really be a saving of only “a buck twenty”?

    The newspaper articles show timely examples of what other school districts are doing to reduce costs.

    By the way, I too wore red at the last meeting. Why? because the issue never is about “hurting our children” as you said in a post last week, or imparing education. It is about cutting the excess we all know exists in the MSD and holding those accountable for the excess to really cut the fat.

    Conveniently out of all the board meetings this school year, only in two instances has there been a crowd present: the day the board presented the costs to build a new football field, and last week.

    To be informed, one must attend more than one meeting, and not rely on hearsay. Coming to only one board meeting does not allow anyone to see the big picture.

  3. I agree – attend more School Board Meetings -and it is up to our School Board to represent the entire community – schools as well as taypayers -and the excess and waste has got to be trimmed in these dire economic times.

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