Dynegy employee volunteers team up for improvements at Marlboro schools

MARLBORO – Dynegy employees from the Danskammer/Roseton power generating facilities in Newburgh have teamed up to sponsor a number of educational programs at the Marlboro Central School District.

Made available through a grant from Dynegy’s Education and Youth Program, the projects include providing new art equipment, a technology upgrade for the Marlboro High School Planetarium, and history program entitled “Road to World War II.”

Dynegy’s Education and Youth program empowers the company’s employees throughout the U.S. to identify and lead volunteer projects benefiting education-related non-profit organizations.



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  1. you guys have the comments off for the above post but I just wanted to let you know the meeting is at the Intermediate School not the High School. It says it on the school website. They aren’t going to be at the high school anymore and instead will be held at the intermediate school

  2. Concerned, thanks for the update. I didn’t realize the location had changed. I’ll modify the post…

    The reminders for all future meetings have also been modified to include the correct location.

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