River Road mystery solved; it was Dynegy

From Times Community Newspaper. This made me laugh. The New York City-owned aqueduct passes directly under the site? Who planned this? Here’s an idea: we should tax NYC to use our properties to transport water from the Ashokan Reservoir to the city, the same way the MTA wants to tax us even more for a service many of us seldom use. Look at your phone bill and you’ll see we already pay a tax for the MTA.

Phones in Newburgh Town Supervisor Wayne Booth’s office were ringing off the hooks Monday. “What’s going on along River Road?” residents wanted to know.

Town officials were as much in the dark as the residents, it turned out. The mystery was quickly solved, however. Workers from Dynegy were excavating a section of riverbank off River Road to repair ducts serving the Roseton power plant.

Asbestos imbedded in the concrete was being remediated, Dynegy officials said. The company is working to solve the problem under the purview of the state.

The company couldn’t say how long it will take to rectify the problem or how much longer traffic along that stretch of River Road will be limited to a single lane.

The Roseton power plant, which operates on fuel oil, has not been in operation for some time, although there has been speculation recently that declining fuel prices might prompt Dynegy to bring Roseton back on line. Danskammer, Dynegy’s second mid-Hudson plant, operates on coal and continues to supply power.

Supervisor Booth said Tuesday that he and other local officials were not advised that Dynegy would be working on the problem, or that a problem even existed.

As a result of calls to Town Hall late last week, Booth said that Highway Superintendent Darrell Benedict had gone to the scene, where he discovered Dynegy workers.

The town fixed a sinkhole in the same area last month.

The Dynegy work is of interest also to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection because the city-owned aqueduct passes directly under the site.



April 23, 2009, School Board Meeting.

WHEN: April 23, 2009.
LOCATION: Marlboro Elementary School.
TIME: 7:30 P.M.