Fight for tax reform, experts tell group in Marlboro

MARLBORO — Experts urged more than 100 concerned residents gathered at Marlboro High School Thursday to join grassroots efforts to pressure Albany for property tax reform.

The Town of Marlborough was hit hard by property tax increases of more than 30 percent on average last year when the Dynegy power plant company successfully sued to lower its assessment.

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi said that the property tax issue is statewide. “This “¦ comes down to a very simple message: Property taxes are too high. People can’t take it anymore,” Suozzi said.

Suozzi, who headed the state commission on property tax relief, explained its recommendations that include a tax cap, a STAR circuit breaker program and measures to contain school mandates. The STAR circuit breaker aims to give relief to individual taxpayers based on income and ability to pay.

Sen. Bill Larkin, R-Conwall-on-Hudson, said the Senate has passed legislation property tax relief legislation but added he had doubts about the will of the state Assembly to enact it.

However, Carole Kraus of NY State Property Tax Reform Coalition said her group had successfully urged legislators to introduce an omnibus circuit breaker bill in Albany this week.

David Little of the New York State School Boards Association said the state also needs to change laws restricting school district spending.

Marlboro resident Jeffrey Magliato said said he was impressed with Suozzi but not by the legislators at the event. “Neither of them stood up and said how much they’re doing for the people,” he said.

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