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Poughkeepsie Journal Letters to the Editor section, May 9, 2009:

2 Marlboro candidates care about taxes, pupils

I want to write about two exceptional people and leaders. MaryAnne Lostaglio and Lawrence Cavazza have demonstrated character, com- petence and commitment to move the Marlboro school district forward, while at the same time making it a priority to consistently find ways to reduce costs.

They know the toughest responsibility is balancing the needs of the taxpayers against the needs of the students. They know property taxes are tremendously hurting us, especially our fixed-income people.

Lostaglio and Cavazza will continue supporting the maximum relief allowed by law to help these people with their school taxes. Moreover, they co-sponsored with the Town of Marlborough a Tax Forum Meeting featuring Nassau County Executive, Thomas Suozzi, to advocate for property tax relief.


Academically, their advocacy for early intervention relative to learning how to read resulted in Marlboro being ranked first in Ulster County in third through eighth grade testing. They are proud our schools produce responsible citizens. Businesses know a prepared, educated workforce is essential for success.

Please value education in our community. Keep in mind good schools mean great communities. Our budget is a historically low one (1.9 percent tax levy) and spending our money intelligently and effectively defines Lostaglio’s and Cavazza ‘s attitudes and goals.

Join me in supporting Lostaglio and Cavazza for the Marlboro central school board. They are exceptional people and fine leaders who share their time and energy to help us succeed at a cost we can afford.

Stephen J. Adamshick
Marlboro Board of Education


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  1. I think that he shouldn’t show what side hes on because what if someone else becomes elected and its obvious he doesn’t support them so how could they work together?

  2. I agree, he shouldn’t have said anything now if someone else is elected then it will be obvious that they don’t have his support

  3. I think he was responding to the dirty campaign organized a year ago by the new board members. The pair campaigned heavily against the sitting board, were elected to the positions, and now must work with the people they campaigned against. Not smart campaigning.

  4. It doesn’t matter he shouldn’t pick sides, hes lucky who won did because otherwise he would have had to work with someone he didn’t support

  5. It was a good risk, not a bad one, if you followed past elections of the two incumbents.

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