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Dear Friends:   As you know the Governor has called an Extraordinary Session of the Legislature to ask them to pass NON-CONTROVERSIAL BILLS.  That was Monday.  That did not work out too well for anyone as the Senate still cannot seem to get the job done.    Yesterday the Governor issued a new proclamation (see below) that contains very controversial items that he is asking the Legislature to vote on. Not one of these items recognizes the incredible problem of Property Taxes in NYS.  We know that there are bills on the table in both houses to provide circuit breaker relief to property tax payers across NYS.  Yet they never even made it to the list of items the Governor cares about.   We need to call/fax/e-mail Governor Paterson and ask him to include a circuit breaker (S4239-A8702) on his list of items for the Legislature to pass. Governor Paterson and Secretary to the Governor Larry Schwartz: Please include the Property Tax Circuit Breaker on your list of bills you would like the Senate and Assembly to address in the extraordinary session.  S.4239/A.8702 has bi-partisan support in both Houses and is the only piece of legislation that could help property tax payers NOW.  Unemployment is at a  record high, foreclosures are on the rise and county treasurers are reporting more tax delinquencies than ever. Please consider this piece of legislation the last hope for New Yorkers being forced out of their homes.

Call the Governor to leave a message : 518-474-8390

Fax the Governor at: 518-474-1513

Call Larry Schwartz to leave a message with his assistant:     518-474-4246

e-mail the message to Larry Schwartz’s via his assistant at: kathleen.whittemore@chamber.state.ny.us



Pursuant to the power vested in me by Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution, I hereby convene the Senate of the State of New York in Extraordinary Session, at the Capitol, in the City of Albany, on the twenty fourth day of June, two thousand nine, at three o’clock, for the purpose of considering legislation with respect to:

(1) providing same-sex couples the same opportunity to enter into civil marriages as opposite-sex couples;

(2) capping the growth of State government spending to help control State expenditures, improve New York’s long-term fiscal integrity and make government more accountable;

(3) establishing the Green Jobs-Green New York program to promote energy efficiency, energy conservation, and the installation of clean energy technologies; reduce energy consumption and costs; reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support community development and create green job opportunities; and make certain technical corrections;

(4) expanding access to health insurance for young adults through age 29;

(5) expanding consumer protections for distressed homeowners, creating additional foreclosure prevention opportunities in the State, requiring foreclosing parties to maintain foreclosed property, establishing protections for tenants residing in foreclosed properties, and establishing provisions to prevent distressed homeowners from falling prey to rescue scams;

(6) enacting farm workers fair labor protections, including granting a day of rest, overtime, collective bargaining rights, workers’ compensation and other protections to farm workers;

(7) facilitating the investment of over six hundred million dollars for capital improvements at and adjacent to the Monticello Race Track;

(8) acting on gubernatorial nominations for the position of Chairman and Member of the State Liquor Authority, Member of the State Council on Arts, and President and Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Development Corporation d/b/a/ Empire State Development Corporation and Commissioner of Economic Development and Trustee of the Power Authority of the State of New York;

(9) authorizing the fifth phase of school construction projects in the City of Buffalo by the Joint School Construction Board;

(10) increasing the hotel and motel taxes of the County of Suffolk, and extending the authorization to impose such taxes until December 31, 2015;

and for the consideration of legislation with respect to such other subjects as I may recommend.

G I V E N under my hand and the Privy Seal of the State in the City of Albany this twenty-third day of June in the year two thousand nine.

David A. Paterson

Lawrence Schwartz
Secretary to the Governor     Ron Deutsch
New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness
212 Great Oaks Blvd
Albany, NY 12203
518-869-8649 (fax)
518-469-6769 (cell)

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