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We teach our children the inportance of recycling, saving energy and being earth-friendly. The best way to teach is by example. We also talk a lot about keeping it local. Here is an idea:

There are two companies within 15 miles of Marlborough that produce solar panels, Prism Solar Technologies in Highland and SpectraWatt in East Fishkill. Instead of building a gas line from Route 9 to the High School, why not create an alliance with Prism Solar Technologies, SpectraWatt – or any other solar company – to install solar panels in all school buildings. We can use free solar energy to generate electricity, and these companies can use us as an example of their product. It would be a win-win situation. If we can spend millions on  a football field that will be underutilized, we sure can use alternative energies that will benefit ALL students and taxpayers. Lets invest locally.

Business that promotes, sells ‘green’ technologies enjoys progress

HIGHLAND – If there’s one part of the economy that’s clearly not in recession, it must be the solar industry.

Here, in a factory building set amid fruit orchards, a young company is fitting up its first manufacturing plant, one that will create 150 jobs in the first few years, its managers say.

There are 24 people working here now at Prism Solar Technologies. A pilot line is being set up. Other equipment that was in the plant when the property was bought in March is being adapted for new uses. More gear is on the way.

This is a prime example of how some businesses are doing well despite a lingering recession now presumed to be 18 months long. What drives this segment is the rising prices of fossil fuel, a growing concern for cleaner energy from non-fossil sources, the independence it fosters and the American jobs it creates.

All forms of alternative energy as well as enhanced conservation measures are getting a closer look these days.

Poughkeepsie Journal

SpectraWatt begins prepping solar plant

Installation of machinery to manufacture solar cells will soon begin in East Fishkill. Richard Haug, chief operating officer of SpectraWatt Inc., said Monday the approximately 70,000-square-foot space at IBM Corp.’s Hudson Valley Research Park has been cleaned out and equipment for the Intel Corp. spinoff will be moved in.

“By March or April we will be producing our first cells,” he said.

Haug said plans for 30 initial employees are in place, with two former NXP employees already hired.

The first manufacturing line installed at SpectraWatt will have 80 employees when it is at full capacity by the end of the first quarter of 2010.

Poughkeepsie Journal

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