“Regular School Board Meetings will be held each third Thursday of each month.”

However, as usual, there is no information on the School Board Meeting that is to take place this coming Thursday. At every meeting both the Board and Administration are asked that information be posted in advance on their web site and on the community boards on 9W. The answer consistently is that information is already on the site and is updated on Tuesdays. Well, the information is either not there or is posted last minute. I drove by the High School and saw that the next Board Meeting dates are posted on the board there.

Update: better late than never šŸ™‚ detailed_agenda_July_16,_2009.pdf


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  1. There are some things on that agenda that are missing that the people have a right to know about

  2. What are you referring to? What is missing? Can you elaborate briefly?

  3. I would like to know too what doesn’t the school board put on the agenda that they should?

  4. I was just looking at the board meeting agenda did anyone realize that there was a board meeting on the 6th? How come that wasn’t posted?

  5. It was posted here and we attended that board meeting on the 6th. We attend all board meetings. It is disappointing that the majority of the people who live here don’t seem to care unless there is a sudden biased “showing of support” where students are put in the middle to further someone’s agenda.

  6. Did you guys know there is an agenda for executive session and you can ask for a copy of it?

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