Taxpayer-funded benefits are costing us too much

S0me people DO get it. Poughkeepsie Journal letters to the editor 7/18:

I implore New Yorkers to locate all their local United Federation of Teachers union heads to stop the madness of having teachers and other federation employees spend months, even years, at full pay and benefits wasting taxpayer dollars in “reassignment centers” while their disciplinary hearings are under way. This costs $65 million a year. What is wrong with suspended pay? This sort of stuff does not happen in the private sector, and this spending is unsustainable. I also implore New Yorkers to contact all their elected officials and other municipal employee union heads and ask them why they are not paying for at least 20 percent of their health-care premiums. What is wrong with paying 20 percent? Politicians are eager to talk about what needs to be done in our communities and to put themselves in the limelight. It’s time for them to announce that they collectively have acted for the good of the community, the good of the taxpayer, to help tow the line. They must announce that they, and all related employees, will pay 20 percent of their health care. Folks who benefit from our tax dollars will continue with business as usual if we all sit back. I am asking the youngest of you, the oldest, to get out your paper, pens, computers, cell phones and tell them all they must pay into the system and change how things are done. It is the right thing to do, and it’s for the good of our community and the well-being of our dear country. Sue Gilmore, Highland

Poughkeepsie Journal

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