Time is ticking…

And like clockwork your school tax bill is on its way. Regardless of the way you get your tax bill (directly or through your mortgage), take some time to review it. Actually, if it is included as part of your mortgage, you should definitely look at your taxes every year. Just because it is “hidden” and paid through escrow doesn’t mean you should keep your eyes shut. Out of sight, out of mind is the perfect way to not realize how much you’re paying. It’s your money.

I am stunned to see the amount of people who don’t know how much they pay in taxes. A quick poll around the area has shown that people are clueless on how much they pay. The two most common answers are: “I don’t know, the mortgage company gets the bill and I don’t see it”, and “you pay how much?? I don’t pay that much and my property is similar to yours”. Go check your tax records… surprise, surprise!

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