For Sale by Owner


We have to be either blind or in denial if we don’t realize how many “For Sale by Owner” signs have popped up around town in the last few weeks. It’s a shame to see how people have to sell their homes because they can no longer afford to live here. Five new signs in the last week alone.


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  1. I have my sign up for sale for the past year. Reaching at a high point of $16,000 in taxes for a 3200 square ft home colonial home is ridiculous for a retired person.

    • It is ridiculous for all of us, and especially those retired, like you. I guess people have decided that enough is enough. A meager discount in the assessed property value this year wasn’t going to cut it. “Taxpayers First” yeah, footing the bill.

      We’ll see if anything actually changes around here. Driving around town every day I see more ‘for sale’ signs up and businesses are also closing. It is estimated that 80% of your property taxes goes to the $chool district anyway.

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