Laugh or cry?

Now that the election is over I have to say that it was hilarious last week when a flyer came in the mail from one of the groups running in this election. In terms of school taxes it read:

“Our goal: to continue to save you tax money”. Um, sure.

“We are the only elected officials working to lower your school taxes”. Excuse me? How? When have the school taxes ever been close to be lowered?

So explain this: how can it be that at almost every meeting there is some reduction in school taxes for a few properties, always due to “clerical error”. In the last 4 months or so this amounts to over $12,000.00 in “errors”.

The lowest school budget increase in the history of Marlboro has happened for the most part thanks to our group going to all the School Board meetings, asking the tough questions and pressuring, week after week, for solutions that benefit all of us.

Disclosure 1: Our group is non-partisan.

Disclosure 2: We will keep on being your voice.

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