School Boards are completely out of touch

It doesn’t matter that 10.2% of the work force is out of work, that salaries are frozen, that people are losing their homes, and there are major cutbacks in spending. Some still live inside the bubble mentality, like in those Sprint TV ads. Mr Castellani mentioned at the last school board meeting that he knew of a lot of people who were making money in this economy. Maybe in the bubble.


The excuses in this article are ridiculous.

12 Monroe-Woodbury School District workers get hefty raises

A dozen workers at the Monroe-Woodbury School District central administration building got unusually high salary increases this year after their annual raises were compounded with subsequent pay bumps.The combined increases totaled 8 percent and 9 percent for 11 employees — mostly typists and secretaries — and more than 15 percent for the business administrator.

The extent of the increases was not immediately evident because the school board awarded them in two stages: first, as a 4.5 percent raise for all non-unionized staff for the coming school year in June; then, as “adjustments” for 12 non-union employees in August. The board unanimously supported the second round of increases, explaining on its agenda that they were meant to match the salaries of Education Center employees with those of their unionized counterparts — or, in the case of the business administrator, to keep pace with other local districts.

Elaborating by e-mail, board President Michael DiGeronimo went further, saying that employees who work for managers usually earn more than union workers in comparable positions.

“Their role is not routine or simply clerical,” DiGeronimo wrote. “They are administrative assistants and executive secretaries. Because of the nature of their duties, confidential employees generally earn higher salaries than their respective union counterparts.”

But according to the district’s 2008-09 payroll, three of the four secretaries whose pay rose 9 percent as a result of the two increases already earned between $10,000 and $22,000 more than the most highly paid unionized secretaries last year; the fourth made slightly above the $47,165 top union pay.

The payroll also shows that three of the five typists who got combined increases of 8 percent were already earning as much as, or slightly more than, the top salary of $46,354 for union typists.

Comparing the salaries of the district clerk and payroll manager — each of whom got combined pay increases of 9 percent — to those of union workers is impossible because they have no counterparts in the unionized work force.

For Denise Cedeira-Thornton, the business administrator, the combination of the 4.5 percent raise and a 10.75 percent “adjustment” lifted her salary to $103,000 from $89,000.



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  1. It is time to video tape all Marlboro School Board meetings so people who are working two jobs just to make ends meet can hear what is said. I attended and heard the comment by Mr. Castellani that people he knows are doing well in this economy. Somehow the blaring headlines indicating a double digit unemployment rate don’t support that in the “private” section.

  2. Why aren’t the sessions video taped in this day and age? Every other district I know tapes and broadcasts via public access.

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