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“A blast from Taxnightmare.org….we regularly send “blasts” to the large property tax reform community and then it goes viral to their lists…and so on….this particular story so infuriated us that I am making sure it is broadcast as widely as possible…..pass it on as usual… gioia

 3/10/2010 An up-date       In all the confusion in the bubble we are still lobbying for our bills. Thanks to all your calls the legislature is at very least still talking property tax reform…we shall see…    Meanwhile Lt. Gov. Ravitch has floated a plan to keep NYS afloat-barely.    Albany is still closing its eyes to the necessity to cut its pet projects…they say they have no money for property tax relief and reform but they are still treating themselves royally..        ..and-worse, I just learned  (and blogged) that….    

Another startling and incomprehensible tax giveaway involves about 16 billion dollars every year which is rebated to stock brokers.

This is how it works: a penny and three quarters and on up (depending on the amount of the stock) is charged sellers as a tax on stock transfers and that amounts to 16 billion more or less.Then it is entirely rebated…

Wouldn’t you question why this amount of an already paid tax (supposedly) is given back to those who obviously aren’t in need of it …while the property tax is consuming 30 or 40 or 50 percent of householders’ incomes?? 

Moreover the tax giveback happens in a climate where services are cut to the bone, and the state is unable to pay its bills! I am disgusted with this kind of malfeasance and downright stupidity on Albany’s part. This is the very last straw in a horrible series of events in Albany.

I am asking all reformers to raise the roof with their “public servants”….call them all and tell them you want that 16 billion used for property tax reform and balancing the budget.…and for once I’ll say SCREAMING IS IN ORDER!!!

The names and contact numbers for Albany are in previous blogs.


Don’t leave out the Gov. and Lt. Gov. They must be put on notice.

Alleged “Nuzzling “ or “free tickets” got the media’s knickers in  a twist….THIS 16 BILLION IS REALLY THE SCANDAL WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT.

Check out the facts on http://www.abetterchoiceforny.org ….at the bottom…a fact sheet 

gioia shebar
coordinator Taxnightmare.org
member Omnibus Tax Solution Consortium”

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