Orange-Ulster Boces budget for 2010-11 is $99 million

Tomorrow’s Board Meeting includes the vote for the ORANGE-ULSTER BOCES ADMINISTRATIVE BUDGET for 2010-11.

Resolved that the Board of Education, upon the recommendation
of the Superintendent of Schools approves the Board of Cooperative
Educational Services Administrative Budget in the amount of $4,326,329
for the 2010-11 school year.

The March 18th BOCES presentation:

$99 million for some 7,000 students. The Administrative Budget increase is 2.8% (tuition increase is 2.88%. Administrative increase is 14.61% including retirement).

Per student cost for next year is $9492

The budget is shared by all schools following the RWADA (Resident Weighted Average Daily Attendance).

Framework of a BOCES Administrative Budget

A BOCES Budget differs from a school district budget in several ways. The best way to
understand the BOCES budget is to look at it in pieces. There are three categories: the Administrative
Budget, the Capital & Rental Budget and the Program Budgets.

The Administrative Budget includes the personnel and related expenses for the Central
Administration. This includes the salaries and benefits for the District Superintendent, three Assistant
Superintendents, their clerical staff as well as office supplies and equipment. Other contractual expenses
include such services as auditing, liability insurance, retiree health, conferences and postage for the
Administrative operations.

The Administrative Budget receives its income from each component district using a State
Education Department-developed formula known as RWADA (Resident Weighted Average Daily
Attendance). Based upon student attendance (a measure of enrollment), each district pays a proportional
amount based on their share of the total RWADA. Therefore, larger districts pay a larger share while
smaller districts pay a smaller share of the Administrative costs.

The Administrative Budget is voted on each year by members of the component school districts’
Boards of Education. This year the administrative budget vote will be held on Thursday, April 22, 2010.

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