The Vicious Cycle, snapshots from the past.

I have collected a few flyers from Marlboro residents that unequivocally hit on most of the points we have been trying to make our community aware of in these last two years. Thanks to those who have contributed. This one is edited for brevity. Change the dates, the amounts, and swap Central Hudson for Dynegy and you’ll see the dynamics haven’t changed, for us taxpayers:

“… Do you know that Marlboro school teachers are the highest paid teachers in Orange and Ulster County but have the smallest class sizes. Of 3,241 counties in the United States Ulster is in the top 10 in teachers salaries, with Marlboro the highest, yet are near the bottom on student achievement. The median salary for Marlboro teachers is $59,502, while median salary for Marlboro tax payers is $21,000. Median salary for professors with PHD’S (sic) IS $48,000. Eighty of the 171 teachers in Marlboro receive over $60.000 for the 1997-98 school year, which consists on 182 days, with the highest paid receiving $74,546, excluding benefits. If a teacher opts out of the medical because his/her mate has coverage, that individual receives a percentage in cash. Medical insurance is paid in full by the School District (us taxpayers)…

… Many teachers talk about being in the profession for retirement plans, salary increases, health benefits and all other percs (sic) including the short number of days worked per year – they do not include teaching children as one of the priorities. We have teachers who barely passed both high school and college who are now ‘teaching’ our children. What is (sic) the criteria for hiring teachers in the Marlboro school system… … This of course does not include all teachers. We have a small minority who have dedicated and pride themselves on the ability to bring out the best in a student…

… Central Hudson has been paying 60% of our school taxes… …This year alone they have received a two million dollar devaluation of their assessment. This devaluation will continue until (they) will be paying only about 5% of our taxes. The teachers salaries have been flying ever upward on CH’s coattails. Do you, the taxpayer, feel you can pay 50 to 75% more school taxes than you are now paying? I know I can’t and not only senior citizens but many of our young people will be losing their homes because greedy teachers insist on more astronomical raises. Those receiving $60,000+/yr will at the end of five years receive $81,000+/yr. Marlboro Teachers Union President Joe Pesavento said these raises will not impact taxpayers. Where does he think these monies are coming from?…

… I am asking the administration and school board to pull negotiations off the table – no raises for at least the next five years (including step raises) until we know what Central Hudson’s devaluation impact will be on our taxes, – teachers must pay a percentage of their medical – they must raise their level of teaching abilities – starting salaries no more than $25,000 to $28,000 based on certification. – no more nepotism or favoritism. We have to break the chain of relatives and friends hired only because they are relatives and friends… … Also, under no circumstances should any new hires be related to teachers presently in the system…

… Re-election to school board… …Stephen Adamshick – who wants to continue wise money management, that can only be attained by demanding Marlboro teachers exert every effort to help our children reach their highest potential. We must demand teachers begin earning their already astronomical salaries…”

Mildred A. Markonic


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  1. The Unions are the cause of this. This entitlement way of live must stop. People have to start earning their money like the rest of us who work REAL jobs based on performance and/or production. Right now there are 224 homes for sales in Marlboro, are any of these idiots hearing this loud enough yet. AND JOE, your an idiot for thinking this will not be passed on to the tax payers, but then again your a Union guy who makes I am sure in the 100K range. When will all move away of get out homes forclosed on, then wo the HELL are you going to tax then? SO in short, lets dismantle the TEACHERS UNION and do away with the monopoly of hiring friends/relatives!!

  2. It must not really hit home when a school principal goes to work and drives by eight (8) properties for sale on his/her own street. I see them every day.

  3. There really is nothing you can do, if board members are relatives also. Need a new board. To change things it would have to be a lifetime commitment . And running for office , its to far out of control. We are going to move for the childrens sake. I wish everyone luck, I think most of residents of Marlboro do not know what is happening . If they knew how much teachers were making and how scores compare to rest of area it would be a up roar . But how do you get them to know.maybe take ad in paper. BUT there are alot of people in this little town living off town and have been for long time generations . take a look at all six figure incomes we pay . everyone who is not part of this would freak out. GOOD LUCK

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