There is a Public Meeting on Tuesday Nov 13th

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
Public Meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Marlboro High School.
The Superintendent of Schools will be addressing the community with regards to the district’s current economic status, mid-year reductions, and Dynegy (who owes about $23 million in taxes to the Marlboro School District, the Town of Newburgh and Orange County).

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  1. Business as usual for this school district facing the Fiscal Cliff…eliminate two hall monitors, after school programs and other very inexpensive fixes while ignoring the Elephant In The Room – the Teacher’s Union and Local 17 – both have to take pay cuts to get us
    through this crisis NOW.

    • Sandy, I agree. sadly there are those involved in education that are simply sitting back and watching the money roll in. As usual they want to cut the arts, languages, and after school programs.
      I would like to see a top down approach starting with the Superintendant, who makes over 150k in salary alone. The big earners in the district MUST take a pay cut.

  2. Marlboro school employee unions have ripped off Marlboro residents for years. Now they have drove Dynergy into bankruptcy with their greed. Just take a look at the school employees salaries. They are out of sight. An they expect the taxpayer to kept forking out their hard earned money. Take a look at the cars parked in the school parking lots and you will realize real quick who ripped you off. All school employees should get a 10% pay cut and pay a 10% increase in their medical and retirement contributions. This should br the starting point to get the Marlboro taxpayers out of the mess created by the school employees.

  3. Marlboro school employee unions will never stop until we are all taxed out our homes, the town turns into a graveyard of forsale signs; no one wants to buy here because of the school unions. I have been here 12 years, going through my savings to pay these taxes and this is the first year I simply cannot afford my tax bill and have not paid it. My pay is 1/2 of what it use to be and everyone I know is working longer and making much less except for these teachers who keep raping out wallets. I think 10% is too nice, 20% across the board cut in pay. We have been in a recession for years while they kept getting the guaranteed raises.

  4. My wife and I have already weathered a $3,000.00 increase in school taxes (in ONE year!) , our child has never been in public schools, and now we are talking about another school tax increase. Marlboro has been spending money as if the cash cow Dynergy would be there forever and now we are stuck with the bill. I live in the Town of Newburgh and want nothing more than to be removed from the Marlboro school district.

  5. Its time we stand up for ourselves. How about the gym teachers who make 120k a year. The superintendant makes 185 a year..I have to live here because now nobody wants to buy my house. But guess what my taxes are not in escrow. I will pay my county taxes but im making my stand. I will not pay my school taxes, whats the worst that can happen? They take my house, Big deal thanks to the overpaid blood sucking teachers , i can no longer afford it.

  6. I am with you, I am not paying my school taxes either and I cannot sell my house also. This school union will be solely responsible for DESTROYING A TOWN!! MY entire savings put into my house, gone to pay for teachers who will not contribute to there own damn pensions or healthcare(tier 1 & 2) like the rest of the private sector does. They have been getting their guaranteed raises through this whole recession while the rest of us are working twice as long for half the pay.

  7. Don’t pay your school taxes, I repeat-don’t pay your school taxes, I repeat-don’t pay your school taxes until everyone who created this g-d d–n mess resigns. Bob

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