Six Three committees have been formed and we need all the help and residents we can get; all ideas and comments are welcome:

ALBANY-ULSTER: identifying and contacting state officials on ways to help relieve the tax burden (state aid, new bills, etc.) School mandates; what can be done about them, and any other misc. What are other counties in the state doing. Change in tax structure- IE: In NYC, homeowners are not responsible for supporting the entire school system. One superintendent & school Board for the whole city (950,000 students.) At county level, get the new Comptroller involved. He says Ulster county tax dollars have been wasted.


John M., Anita C., Maria M.

MARLBOROUGH: look at tax maps and parcels; who is paying what proportionally (commercial/agricultural/residential). Look at history of what has been decided in the school district; when and why certain items were voted on, decision makers, i.e.: rental of space, building additions; how and to whom are contracts being awarded (conflict of interest?) and misc.


Larry P., Anne F.

SCHOOL BUDGET: go through line by line and try to reconcile total figures with individual entries; identify areas requiring further investigation.


Sandy T., Maria M., Geri M., Joanne V. 

CONTRACTS: review of teacher and support staff contracts.


Mike J.

NEWBURGH: research the truth and find alternatives to the Newburgh/Marlboro Dynegy issue, etc.


John M., Raj & Ros T.

GLOBAL STRATEGY: includes all committees, analysis, alternatives, solutions.

If you want to join one of these groups or if you have ideas you’d like to share, send us an email: Marlborocitizens

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