Marlboro Central School District Re-assessment/Tax Levy

Dynegy’s tax levy was reduced from 51% to 36% in agreement ex-parte with Town of Newburgh. Dynegy’s portion was reduced from 17 Million to 13 Million at a fixed rate until 2012 when it will be revaluated. 30% tax payback to Dynegy (11 million in back taxes for the last 6 years). The tax distribution is approximately 66% from Marlboro, and 34% from Newburgh and Plattekill.

Town of Marlborough property revaluation 2008: 1/3 decreased, 1/3 stays the same, 1/3 increased.

School District Budget/Tax Levy average increase 6-7%.

Combined Average Tax increase of 37%.

Shouldn’t the tax burden shifted to taxpayers be 51% – 36% = 15%?

Town of Newburgh collects school taxes for Marlboro Central School District.

Town of Newburgh School Tax deadline is September. Therefore, in addition there is a late tax penalty added on: October 2%, November and extra 2%.

Median Household Income: $51.632
Median Home Value: $144,800
Percentage of owner occupied housing: 77.10%

Information gathered from most recent census. Source: ReferenceUSA 2008. Census is done every 10 years.



  • 500 MW facility with two units totaling 130 MW capable of burning natural gas or oil and two units totaling 370 MW capable of burning coal or natural gas.


  • 1200 MW facility with two 600 MW units capable of burning natural gas or oil.
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