Salaries (to be updated soon)

Teachers and staff salaries for 07-08 were released in May 09. Eighty percent of your school taxes is spent here.

For Pay Year 2007-2008, not including what newspapers call “fringe benefits” such as stipends or health insurance (add another 25-30%),
the site has released the following public information:

Last, First Salary
Castellani, Raymond $152,682
Sensenig, Neysa $136,185
Toombs, Marie $125,142
Burkett, Dennis $122,076
Pesavento Jr, Joseph $119,994
Bakatsias, Mike $115,963
Van Cuyck, Ray $114,813
O’Donnell, Jonnah $112,669
Smith, Susan $109,470
Virga, Michael $108,308

Lyons, Marion $107,518
Domanski, Ronald $107,289
Taddeo, Frank $106,659
Tumbarello, Roger $103,996
Benjamin, Barbara $103,325
Samselski, Walter $102,976
Adams, Paul $102,891
Smith, Arthur $102,765
Lipsey, Francine $102,104
Meyer, Glenn $101,687

Carofano, Peter $101,576
Koonz, Robert $101,200
Ibsen, Mary $100,547
Zambito, James $100,522
Felicello, Frank $100,222
Fino, Neil $100,135
Bozzo, Fredric $100,088
Douglas, Michael $99,922
Onusko, David $99,798
Madden, Katiellen $99,649

Morrill, Jane $99,254
Casey, Anne $98,958
Saulpaugh, David $98,766
Trapani, Susan $98,708
Berkowitz, Marlene $97,569
Minard, Gail $97,465
Trapani, Phyllis $97,426
Mc Mullen, Mary $97,295
Ricciardone, Celeste $97,265
Scaturro, Carolyn $97,174

Markewycz, Zwenyslawa $97,157
Floor, Cindy $97,149
Dallvechia, Noreen $96,925
Baker, Marie $96,789
Lichtenberg, Susan $96,410
Utter, Susan $96,265
Neely, Theresa $96,265
Simmons, Henry $96,265
Messina, Rosanne $95,958
Gosiewski, Michael $95,779

Brown, Scott $95,550
Kallman, Francine $95,177
Tersillo, Anthony $95,072
Sylvester, Samuel $94,655
Kulaga, Thomas $94,600
Budryk, Judith $94,277
Kroh, Penny $94,075
Crudele, Diane $93,755
Edick, Carolyn $93,189
Long, Mary $92,989

Mc Court, Pamela $92,369
Virga, Kathleen $92,366
Diulio, Larry $91,984
Mc Laughlin, Darlene $90,877
Appler, Kathleen $90,689
Walsh, Patricia $88,214
Pirillo, Deborah $88,183
Schramm, Margaret $88,063
Natoli, Tamara $86,426
Devenuto, Marguerite $85,786

Hayes, Lynn $85,280
Walker, Stephen $84,933
Corsetti, Darren $84,933
Brennan, Norma $84,784
Onusko, Michele $84,634
Shillieto, John $84,634
Cerchia, Donna $83,147
Daniel, Theresa $82,822
Bardunias, Valerie $82,456
Becker, Rory $80,953

Giacoia, Annmarie $80,417
Scaturro, Marcy $79,970
Keeping, Carol $79,605
Schafer, Colleen $79,308
Hecht, Robin $79,289
Amer, Robin $78,711
Mc Carthy, Mary $78,579
Gallagher, Matthew $78,317
Bellucci, Barbara $77,052
Boyd, Gary $76,850

O’Connor, Patricia $76,780
Carbone, Melissa $76,438
Kenney, Amanda $76,424
Devine, Stacia $76,383
Calvin, Betsy $76,072
Monteverde, Mary $75,798
Shillieto, Theresa $75,692
Gannon, Jane $74,762
Mc Kay, Geraldine $74,762
Roberts, Nicole $73,941

Smith, Jacoba $73,839
Dequarto, Janice $73,624
Rogers-Carroll, Kathy $72,848
Mazzella, Ricki $72,708
Rantinella, Marissa $72,463
Grey, Steven $72,320
Rafferty, Bernard $71,076
Degeorge, Scott $70,899
Nagel, Erin $70,432
Wiltse, Beth $70,343

Leduc Jr, Raymond $70,170
Pesano, Geoffrey $69,993
Webb, Robert $69,830
Mc Carthy, Kerry $69,785
Harris, Arlene $69,355
Wertz, Stephen $68,814
Schoonmaker, Donna $68,668
Montemorra, Kelly $67,992
Logue, Elise $67,875
Boyd, Christine $67,579

Russo, Mary-Ann $67,385
Long, Tanya $67,301
Morrissey, John $67,161
Sullivan, Alice $66,931
Retcho, Lucinda $66,505
Jordan, Candice $66,226
Keane, Kathleen $66,100
Baker, Beth $65,745
Sedgwick, Merri $65,551
Santora, Sarah $65,546

Porcelli, Nancy $65,512
Trapani, Gary $65,284
Koehler, Michael $65,250
Estevez-Cummings, Yeleny $64,737
Martino, Cristi $64,652
Davidovits, Deborah $64,300
Hastings, Emeline $63,059
McInerney, Timothy $63,010
Tremblay, Amy $62,738
Dzichko, Elizabeth $62,660

Fischer, Alicia $62,003
Garitta, Pamela $61,860
Ferrari, Jennifer $60,905
Alonge, Matthew $60,817
Trapani, Krista $60,617
Carpenter, Crisseda $60,463
Marallo, John $60,345
Williams, Christine $60,333
Greiner, Jemma $60,213
Russo, Rosemarie $60,168

Bertinato, Melissa $59,565
Howlett, Kimberly $58,852
Sicari, Tracy $58,774
Smith, Janice $58,550
Maouris, Sarah $58,270
Falco, Lisa $58,174
Baker, Adam $57,827
Giametta, Denise $57,302
Amodeo, Alicia $57,143
Atkins, Jennifer $56,956

Kahl, Lauren $56,833
Amodeo, Sarah $56,719
Garitta, Andrea $56,545
Mazza, Marie $56,465
Schroeder, John $56,409
Canino, Matthew $56,329
Grier, Christine $56,329
Barbulean, Brian $56,146
Destefano, Linda $56,035
Carroll, Kathleen $55,953

Smith, Kelly $55,689
Guerriero, Mary-Lynn $55,604
Mylie, Michelle $55,389
Demarco, Robert $55,276
Gillis, Chana $54,910
Kelly, Elizabeth $54,741
Verdi, Gina $54,566
Bare, Geoffrey $54,421
McAteer, Keith $54,018
Budryk, Thomas $53,691

Paltridge, William $53,684
Festa, Ann $53,673
Carofano, Peter $53,401
Congelli, Joann $53,373
Dilorenzo, Joanne $53,063
Dina, Lisa $53,063
Feeney, Tracy $52,843
Glaser, Kristina $52,643
Sanchez, Jose $51,792
Betterton, Meghan $51,124

Messina, Kassia $51,080
Healy, Kara $51,065
Van De Mark, Kristina $50,936
Auchmoody, Rebecca $50,815
Viviani, Andrea $49,985
Beck, Brian $49,134
Sosnick, Michael $48,939
Noto, Antoinette $48,707
Raffaele, Nicole $48,597
Bruno, Maria $48,516

St. Germain, Courtney $48,247
Devenuto, John $47,621
Alm, Jessica $47,226
Morrill, Jenna $45,360
McCormick, Megan $37,482
Runberg, Katelin $34,812
Houck, Katie $33,720


29 Responses

  1. This is rediculous, families are starving, homes be lost, taxes going up and none of these employees are even being effected, no one on the town board blinks an eye, instead they spend 14.5 million on a FOOTBALL FIELD. Marlboro keeps taxing like they are doing, they WILL NOT HAVE ANYONE LEFT TO TAX! Look around at all the forsale signs. NEWS flash… start doing right

    What needs to be done, immediately is a 15% pay cut to anyone making more than 75k/year. CUT school taxes to reflect this. We are watching you Marlboro, very closely and we are many. Do what is right or get out of the way for someone who can!

    Every business and worker I know is hurting. Every person I know except state employees are making half or less of their former income, time for you to get with the program.

  2. 10% pay cut for from 55k to 74k
    6.5 % pay cut for everyone else <55k

  3. I’m curious for your reasoning of having teachers take a pay cut? I don’t know anyone who has taken a pay cut in any job, this past year. I think by asking teachers to take a cut, you are asking them to leave, to go to other districts; this will only take away from our children’s educations in the long run. Now, a new football field? That’s different.

    Good quality teachers can do wonders with minimal supplies and materials, but bad teachers (who take any job just b/c they get an offer, which will be the case in Marlboro if what you propose occurs) can’t do anything, even with all the bells and whistles out there.

    • GET REAL JENNY – I became a contractor via IBM in 1993 and haven’t had a pay raise as a contractor in five years. You live in a BUBBLE and need to start thinking of the taxpayers for a change or we all go down – how long can I keep paying tax increases on the SAME SALARY. I am sick of teachers and administrators saying they don’t know anyone in this situation – well now you do.

      • Right on Fred, she lives in a bubble. btw….how about Merit pay Jenny, but noooooooo unions never want to talk about that. We are all rated on performance in the private sector, why not you? You are a selfish greedy blooduscker what you are Jenny

      • Lets keep it civil. Name-calling leads us nowhere.

    • “I don’t know anyone who has taken a pay cut in any job, this past year.”

      Honestly, I wasn’t going to reply to such a ridiculous statement but I find it insulting that you can say something like that. Those of us who have had their pay reduced, their work increased (including bringing work home) and work and travel expenses all but decimated, or even worse, lost their job, can’t find employment and can’t make ends meet must find your comment “amusing”.

      Ulster County unemployment rate at 8.8%
      Dutchess County unemployment rate at 8.4%
      Orange County unemployment rate at 8.6%

      Not in your fantasy world, though.

      • 1. FRED and ADMIN – I have many friends in the private sector. None have taken pay cuts, none have lost jobs. Maybe we’re just lucky; but it is a true statement. The only person I know who lost her job this year happened to be a public school teacher, a direct result of tax cuts.

        2. How many of these 6-figure salaries are administrators, versus teachers? We don’t need a ton of high-pay administrators shuffling papers in an office. If that’s where these high salaries are, then perhaps they do deserve a pay cut. If it’s higher-paid teachers, that means they are of retirement age – is the district offering incentives for retirement? If not, no wonder they are still working.

        3. Where is the Marlboro School District Budget Proposal? Other towns, specifically New Paltz, have posted their first/second/third run projected proposals for the budget, very prominent and easy to find on their district website, with VERY DETAILED explanations of where the money goes. I haven’t seen anything like this from Marlboro. I perused the “pamphlet” that went out last year in the mail, to see if I missed something, and it was very vague. I would love to see where my tax dollars are really going, and what cuts are being made – what will average class sizes be, compared to this year? What special programs are offered/cut? Are the cuts being made across the whole district (i.e. academics, admin, sports, clubs, etc)? The only info I got from the pamphlet was the district’s spin. Where are the facts, where are the data?

  4. When are the salaries going to be updated? They are old.

  5. Perhaps instead of spending so much time focusing on what these teachers make, we can actually do something productive. The energy that is wasted on this website amazes me. Cutting teacher salaries? Good luck trying anything against the teacher union… strongest in the country. Teachers get about 3 or 4 percent (if they have a contract) while others might get way more in a good year. The data that was posted about the “new salaries” does not show why there was such a large increase in some cases… perhaps taking on an extra task, coaching assignment, or reaching a longevity step in the contract. Those teachers have probably been at marlboro for a long time, and if you still think anyone should still make $38,000 a year after 25 years with a company… think again. Teachers make “a lot” when the economy is bad, but they “don’t increase as fast” as the non-teachers when times are good. Cutting 10-15% is almost funny. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Think of the graduates Marlboro would produce if all the hard working teachers left for better paying jobs elsewhere. Talk about a mess.
    I also can’t believe the negative twist everything on this website has. It was made clear last year that negativity does not get votes for school board seats. If we stop attacking things that we can’t change anyway, and complaining or “whistle blowing…” we might be able to focus on education the children in our community more efficiently. Refocus your energy.

  6. 75-80% of your school taxes goes to salaries. Teachers near retirement pad their pensions because it is based on the salary of the last three years worked. Much more energy spent on this site than by the community attending school board meetings.

    No one attends school board meetings. That shows how uninterested or how fed up the community really is. The entitlement of the former and the apathy of the latter is mind-boggling.

    We don’t show the why of the salary increases because the specifics are not available. We post public information, nothing more, nothing less. Yes, it is an eye-opener for many. The information has been out there, but no one has actually cared to look or do these calculations. Much easier to do nothing.

    Regarding last year’s election, what gets votes is voting for the same, year after year. Some could say that voting union on the school board, having a teacher union rep with a checkoff list at the entrance of the gym on election day, and giving bonus points to students who turn up to vote after school that day, would all part of the status quo strategy.

    Here’s a rule of thumb, go to the parking lot on school board meeting nights. If you see:

    10 cars in the parking lot, the same regular people attending.

    75+ cars in the parking lot, something’s up.

    a) employee salary approval,

    b) employees given the floor for over an hour to “plead their case” against rumored cuts, restating job descriptions and how essential they are over and over again,

    c) using OUR children wearing red to write letters against the rumors of a particular school closing – an option that has not even been considered – and how they will be “scarred” for life it it so happens. Kids are more resilient than adults.

    if you want touchy-feely good news, then watch Oprah or a reality show like “Jersey Shore”.

    “Don’t think for yourself, let others do it for you.” That is the way our society is going to end up.

    Final score: football 10, science, math, history, English-language-arts 0.

    If you still believe we are out of touch, lets see the news:

    Kingston School District proposes laying off 26
    from Times Herald-Record News Headlines
    KINGSTON — The Kingston City School District’s latest budget proposal calls for eliminating 60.5 jobs, including 26.5 layoffs.

    New Paltz school-tax hike fails to win board support
    from Times Herald-Record News Headlines
    NEW PALTZ — The subject was a probable tax-levy increase and the mood was somewhere between dire and desperate at the school board’s regular meeting Wednesday evening.

    Wappingers school district to look again at cost cuts
    from – Local_News
    WAPPINGERS FALLS — The Wappingers school board will meet today to continue finding ways to bring down spending for the next school year.

    Unhappy Arlington board delays budget, seeks cuts
    from – Local_News
    FREEDOM PLAINS — Arlington school board members are sure of one thing: A 9.6 percent tax-levy increase is more than voters will accept.

    22 jobs at risk in Beacon school budget
    from – Local_News
    BEACON — If the Beacon school board adopts a proposed $58.3 million budget for 2010-11, the district could lose 22 jobs, including 11 teachers.

    Spackenkill school board scours budget for savings
    from – Local_News
    Spackenkill district officials are searching for ways to reduce a proposed $38.7 million budget for the 2010-11 school year — and suggested cuts could eliminate teaching positions, field trips and some athletic contests.

    Monticello schools offer 3 dire budgets
    from Times Herald-Record News Headlines
    Monticello school Superintendent Pat Michel on Thursday night presented three dire budget scenarios, including options of closing one of the district’s four elementary schools, dozens of layoffs and elimination of sports and other programs.

    New Paltz school spending plan calls for 3.5 percent tax-levy hike
    from Times Herald-Record News Headlines
    NEW PALTZ — The school district that many once believed could not say “no” to a school tax increase will be asked to say “yes” once again to a tax hike.

    Monticello School Board votes to close Duggan elementary school
    from Times Herald-Record News Headlines
    MONTICELLO — A divided Monticello school board Tuesday night decided to close Duggan elementary school and put forward a budget calling for a 6 percent tax increase with 61 layoffs.

  7. Well then, let’s at least pay them what a babysitter (daycare) gets. Figuring $5.00 per hour times 30 kids is $150.00 per hour for the cliche’d 6 hour day means $900.00 per day times 5 days a week equals $4,500.00 per week, times 4 weeks for a months salary is $18,000.00 over the course of 10 month school year (for those so critical), should be about $180,000.00 per year. This number is specifically for the so inclined advocate of the 6 HOURS A DAY AND SUMMERS OFF critic. Now, lets use some FAIR and BALANCED measures. Ex/ McDonald’s makes more money than Pizza Town and Frankie’s Deli, but I’d rather eat here in Marlboro at these fine food eateries than in any McDonald’s anytime. Point made. So what are the results in Marlboro. I know for a fact that teachers make an UNmeasureable difference in a child’s life. You just CANNOT measure it. So, what would make it a fair measurement? Ask the students about their teachers and their respective importance. You might possibly want to incorporate a merit based system and be equally impressed. From what I have seen in this school system, these teachers actually love their students, their vocations and life itself. There is NO comparison to a healthy LAUNCHING pad in a chld’s life, so ask those who have graduated as well. As for me GIVE THEM ALL A RAISE….and BE RESPONSIBLE for how you manage the RESOURCES, but DO NOT criticize the amount of money you pay these teachers because you COULDN’T pay them ENOUGH. And if you think I am off base then, you just represented what was missed in your education/undertanding of the importance of a healthy, balanced and caring educational institution. I close is saying let’s KEEP WHAT’S WORKING and find places to cut what’s not. God bless Marlboro School District.

  8. If your numbers were correct, the daycare business would be unsustainable. An hourly employee paid $5.00 is paid by the hour, not by head count. Ditto for a salaried employee. Your calculations are flawed and your point of view is, unfortunately, biased. Let me rephrase that: extremely biased considering your personal stake in the status quo.

    A merit-based system will always be turned down by special interests.

    No one questions the positive influence a teacher has on each an every one of our kids. In some cases the love, nurturing and structure they provide supersedes what little some get at home, we all know that.

    Thankfully nothing was missed in my education.

    The bottom line is that we’re not being fiscally responsible.

    • Really because I pay $430/week for Daycare x 12 kids is $5160/week. Divide that by two workers is $2580/week. Imagine it costs $1000/week to run which it does not and now we are talking $2080/week per person x 52 weeks. That’s $108,160/year. And they don’t even have a college degree.

  9. Wow !!! Jenny you think we have good teachers? Look at state test scores look at our teachers.If they left they would be lucky to get job!!! We have in group in this town living off the school and town. The teachers at our school our highest paid in hudson valley but least educated and worst results every teacher wants job in marlboro , but you have to be from here or relative here. You could be doctor of education against 2.7 gpa from local college and from this town. And the person with 2.7 gets job. This is the most corrupt community in state look into it. From people who we keep on electing to teachers. School board question ? How many people on board have college degree. I spoke to chancellor of state of new york education. The problem is our board and peoplke who run town. Its a full time job and I’m not doing it. We arte moving to better school district and town. Is it true principle of elementary school does not even have degree for four year college. Its great some of teacher and principles get high pay here but they themselves live in better towns. From here but not willing to pay there own income. Look at Elementary school teacher parking all high line cars. I have pictures going to paper.

    • Hi Liam,

      You post is *very* interesting….VERY… Please, would you be so kind as to cite your sources, ~especially: the credentials of the Elementary Principal, Scott Brown? I have been searching for 2 hours, since I first read your post…Thank you so very much! (We also wish to move away from this school district.. .) Many thanks.

    • Your post was quite apt as the state of affairs on a socio-educational level. What an amazing district in it’s day for a reason. Progressive, funded and centrally thoughtful. Yet, there is a discrepancy. Whether your intentions are of the purest possible result, it does not matter. The nepotism that exists is apart from tolerable. True inherent desire to bring forth organic knowledge is swept away and covered by politics and questionable actions.

  10. Yes we have been bled dry by the teachers union and local 17 for THEIR interests and now the house of cards is FALLING. I and many other taxpayers of Marlboro CANNOT afford their salaries any longer and it is time for them to give back to the community that they have sucked off of for so many years.

  11. I like the blog site layout ! How was it made!? It is so cool.

  12. And not just there salaries, their PENSIONS!!!! It takes on average 15 private sectors workers taxes to take care of ONE teachers pension (including healthcare) when they retire. I don’t care what you teachers say, you cannot argue factual numbers. Your killing us and you don’t care. You always claim, or the kids the kids, bull crap, Our kids grades have gone down since the department of education was initiated. Its all a scam to take our money. We’ll guess what, we have none left.
    The fact is, kids learned more in one room school houses then you teach them today!!

  13. It seems to me (and I don’t live in Marlboro but have business interests there) that it was really irresponsible to have no contingency plan for all these years. A big energy company carries 60% of the taxes, but no plan for what wouod happen if they ever went under, blew up, or shut its doors? Seems crazy to me. And when I looked at teacher salaries, they seem like Rockland County paychecks to me…very, very high for a town that isn’t wealthy. Just sayin.

  14. Current salaries = 2009 salary + 3.8% pay rise each year
    eg. 2009 was $100,000
    2010 was $103,800
    2011 was $107,744
    2012 is $111,838

    for working 6 months of the year!

  15. My estimate is that over 60 teachers got paid over $100,000 for 2012.
    Many of these 60 teachers got paid well over $100,000, some over $150,000. They get other benefits like generous pensions and health care that are worth thousands of dollars each half year they work.

    It would be interesting to see how this compares with other school districts in the Hudson Valley adjusted for student populations.

    I wonder if another energy company buys the power plant and pays their taxes will we see our school taxes decrease or will the teachers give themselves bigger pay increases.

    It reminds me of an organized crime protection racket, hidden behind the children!

  16. Advocates of teacher paycuts suck…if your jealous then you should have been a teacher. I would say double their pay. They are worth it

  17. It is great that the advocates of teacher paycuts have FINALLY become aware of where their money is going and now(years/decades later) verbally scratch and claw in an attempt to be redeemed or somehow avoid this debacle. It is NOT the teachers fault. They work as hard if not harder than most of us to educate our future generation. I for one want to have the people who play a big part in my kids education be focused on just that…education and my kids…not working a second or third job to make ends meet. That said, administration definetly needs a review as alot move in that direction for the 100+k carrot. INSTEAD, why not take a look at how this situation came into existence in the first place. Dynegy is a NYSE listed company, transparency is a requirment, no one saw this coming? (Short/buy puts on the company to help alleviate your increased tax burden.) Take a look at Municipalities. Did you know that the majority of our local Muni’s employees are still writing in their timecards for pay? Or even better, if you really want to get mad take a look at the FED tax side of your paycheck….LOL

  18. “I’m curious for your reasoning of having teachers take a pay cut? I don’t know anyone who has taken a pay cut in any job, this past year.”…Jenny

    Start asking around, Jenny, you’ll find them. I spoke to an employee of the Poughkeepsie District this week whose pay has been cut 40% since last year. And they’re not the only ones taking cuts; more than 300 Thruway employees are on the chopping block this spring. Those with seniority can bump less senior employees, but only if they take a pay cut and transfer to whatever part of the state the job is located in. I know of one family who will have to relocate to Buffalo, and they’re one of the lucky ones.

  19. ONE WORD for Marlboro, FOOTBALL. I have lived here since 1967 and with traveling uniforms, play uniforms, shoes, practice jerseys and all why should they have to cut that stuff that the taxpayers know nothing about? Putting that football field and other fields in when they KNEW that this tax issue was going to come up was CRAZY. Oh, and yet some sports (like the womens’) have to pay out of their own pocket? I know this as fact because it happened to me. Teachers like Mr. Pesavento , Mr. Casey , Mr. Onusko and Johnna O’donnell worked their butts off for this school District. They deserve every red cent they get! If you feel like teaching a class of 30 kids who don’t even want to be there, why didn’t you go to college to learn how to fix everything since you know it all?

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